Our international network

We have a very large international network of freelance and other language professionals, which has been built up over the years and is now growing particularly fast with the launch of the Independent Peer Review service for translators.

The network is the basis for one of the fundamental concepts behind the LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE, which is: Together we can make a difference.

Who is in the network?

The network consists of native-speaker translators, proofreaders, editors, teachers, transcribers, voice-over artists, etc., and interpreters. Many are freelancers; others have permanent jobs, for instance, in translation.

Individual people

The network consists of individual people, not groups or companies. The LSC does, of course, do business with companies, including other language companies, but all agreements with members of our network, e.g. about customer projects or the Independent Peer Review service, are made on a freelance basis with individual language professionals.


Our network also includes a number of people with other vital skills for the running of the LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE: accounts, IT, marketing, and network administration.


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