What do we want?

Every company should have a purpose in life, and ours is no exception:

Our mission

To promote the use of native-speaker translators, raise standards in the language business, and provide customers with a full range of top-quality language services for all the world's languages.

The means

The success of our mission relies upon an international network of native-speaker translators attracted by our offer of translation quality control for their own translations. The method is known as independent peer review. The idea comes from the world of science and has been adapted for translation. Its function is to help the translator produce a better translation – every time.

Our vision

We want to organise a brand representing quality that customers can trust, so that instead of looking for the cheapest translation they can find, they will look for the best quality they can find.

And we want to share that brand with those in our network who agree to have all their translations go through our independent peer review. In this way the brand can result in not only better translations, but also an international community of (better-paid) language professionals.


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