Special requirements in interpretation

You may have special requirements when you need an interpreter.

For instance, you may have such an overriding need for accuracy, that you need what we might call an immediate independent peer review of the interpretation by a second interpreter on the spot. This means, of course, hiring two interpreters instead of one, but it is used sometimes in court proceedings.

An interpreter/negotiator

Perhaps more common is the need for an interpreter during negotiations. Here it is best if the interpreter also has good negotiating skills and/or a special knowledge of the local business area.

An interpreter/teacher

Or you might be a teacher with students who need a translation of your teaching. Again an interpreter with teaching experience and/or good knowledge of the subject could make a big difference.

An interpreter/tourist guide

Another common requirement might be for an interpreter who can show you or your guests around in the country where a meeting is to take place.

If you have any of these or other special requirements, please be sure to tell us when you order. We may be able to find exactly the people you need in the place you need them.


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