Proofreading, language editing, and general editing

Proofreading means different things in different contexts, so let us define it here as the final checks and corrections made to a text before publication. This will certainly include the spelling of words and the punctuation of sentences, but it can also include layout and checking that graphics are in the right place.

ProofreadingLanguage editing

And if the text was written by a non-native speaker or someone with a limited grasp of the grammar of the language, it will also include correcting the grammar and usage. This is known as language editing.

General editing

General editing is when the requirement is for more drastic intervention in the text: moving, redrafting, deleting or adding even whole sections. Usually this would be a process carried out prior to the final checks mentioned above.

Our proofreading service

All our proofreaders and editors are native-speakers of the language of the texts they check, which could be anything from websites and marketing materials to technical reports and scientific papers.

Please note: Our proofreading service is not a translation check. Many of our proofreaders and editors are also translators, and proofreading and editing are also natural parts of a translator's work, but if you want a translation checked, please ask your translator to use our Independent Peer Review service for translators.


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