Language and other teaching from native-speakers

Other things being equal, everyone knows that it is better to learn a language from a native speaker of the language than from someone who has learned it the hard way. The pronunciation, music, usage and grammar of the language of a native-speaker are what we all want to learn.

All the language teachers we recommend or who teach at the LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE will be native speakers experienced in teaching their own language as a second language.

So whether the course is Using English on the phone or Getting by in Chinese, you can be sure you will get top-quality native-speaker language teaching.

Other subjects

But we also teach courses like How to write a scientific paper in English, which is aimed at researchers in general and PhD students in particular.

And we are planning a course for Danish schoolteachers who will soon be teaching English to children as young as 7 years old. The idea is to make them aware of:

1. Typical mistakes that Danish speakers of English make, and
2. Why it is so important to avoid them in front of children so young.

So whatever your language needs, we will try to find a match for them amongst the native-speaker teachers in our rapidly growing network.