Double-checked native-speaker translation – for all languages!

The LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE provides top-quality translation by native-speaker professional translators. [List of language combinations now available].

Every translation is reviewed by a second, completely independent, native-speaker translator with the same language combination and specialist area.

A new standardA new standard

This sets a new standard for translation – superior to the current European Union standard for translation providers known as EN 15038 (2006) in two vital ways:

  1. All our translators are native-speakers of the target language
  2. All our translations are subject to independent peer review.

The independent peer review system represents an investment by the LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE and our translators to raise standards and promote the value of really good translation among all our customers.

You can find out more about this breakthrough in translation quality assurance by following one of the leads on the right-hand side of this page.

Specialist areas

Many translations require specialist knowledge or experience. Our network is so large that usually we will be able to find a translator/reviewer pair with precisely the special expertise a customer may require. Where this is not possible, we will inform the customer before any agreement is made.


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