Quality assurance that promotes excellence

The LANGUAGE SUPPORT CENTRE's Independent Peer Review system has several obvious benefits for all parties:

The translator gets an independent quality check of the translation
The reviewer can also learn from doing such quality checking
The customer gets a double-checked native-speaker translation.

Helping the translator

Perhaps less obvious, our focus on helping translators to improve their translations will also tend to improve their skills as translators.

And there is a certain amount of "natural selection" at work here: people who think they never make mistakes will not enrol for the service, and the incorrigibly incompetent will find their translations consistently rejected.

Moreover, the independent peer review system will allow us to select the very best translators and reviewers for our own customers – which is clearly in our interest, but also of benefit to all those who would like to share our brand.

Everyone involved has an interest in quality

Our translators will want to get good reviews and our reviewers will want the translators to value their work - so everyone will do their best to raise the standard.

This is an automatic side-effect of our Independent Peer Review system – an in-built positive feedback loop and the promotion of excellence in translation.


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