Helping translators make better translations

The Independent Peer Review service gives personal feedback to translators who want quality assurance.

Its purpose is to help translators deliver better translations. It is not about helping translation service providers, employers, or even customers check up on the work of their translators.

The principle involved – creating a positive feedback loop

We believe that people work best when they receive feedback that helps them do better, rather than criticism for making mistakes. Most quality control in the world of translation today tends towards the latter; we want to redress the balance.

So only individual translators can order reviews, and to do so, they must be willing to do reviews for other translators and join the IPR service.

So how do customers, employers, etc. benefit from the service?

That is very simple. Customers, employers and translation service providers who would like the benefits of our service can encourage the translators who work for them to sign up for the service. Both they and their translators will then reap the full benefits.

Do your translators need convincing?

Why not pay for their first review yourself to get them started? They'll soon experience the benefits of IPRs!


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