Our reputation is important to you!

If you register as a language professional with us, please be completely honest about your skills and knowledge. Our reputation is at stake!

And our reputation for language services is what will make it worthwhile being registered with us. So help us by not exaggerating your skills. In particular, please do not claim native-speaker ability in a language if you are not in fact a native speaker.

On the other hand, if you are an archaeologist, a bee-keeper, a martial artist, a motor mechanic or a food scientist in your spare time, please let us know! Your knowledge and experience could be invaluable in the context of a particular translation or other language service.

Our long-term aim

We want to build a brand that customers can trust. The in-built benefits of our Independent Peer Review service for translators will also give customers confidence in the quality of the translations we provide. Instead of just going for the cheapest translation in town, they will start looking for translation providers who can match our standard of quality.

And we want to share that brand with like-minded language professionals, such as translators who are prepared to make the same commitment as we do, that all their translations will be subject to our independent peer review.

They will have the opportunity to become Associates of the LSC.

But we make no secret of the fact that we will be looking for the best. Our reputation is important to us too!


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