Quality assurance for translators

The IPR approach to quality assurance means that native-speaker translators get help from fellow translators to improve their translations.

It is quality assurance for translators on their terms and, first and foremost, for their own benefit. That is what makes it possible to offer it as a service to translators, who so often get little or no feedback on their work.

Very different from the usual quality control

This is very different from the usual translation agency quality control, where people other than the translator make changes and decide on the final version of the translation – which the translator often does not even see, never mind get to check.

We think the translator, who has put the thought and effort into making the translation in the first place, is also the best person to make the final checks and adjustments in the light of any feedback received from elsewhere. 

All native-speaker translators can benefit

Our approach means that any native-speaker translator can benefit from using our service. Whether you translate a lot or only a little, whether you are an employee or a freelancer, and whether you mostly work for agencies or find your own customers, you have an interest in getting your translations checked and improved before delivery.

And you also benefit when you work as a reviewer of other people's translations. We can all learn from each other.


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