What is an Independent Peer Review?

Independent peer reviews benefit both translators and their customers.

The idea comes from the world of science. Scientific papers are reviewed by other researchers in the same field before they are published. The reviews are anonymous and help both researchers and journals improve the quality of articles they publish. Everyone benefits. We have adapted the idea for translation.

How it works

You are a customer and you order a translation.

  • If you order from us, we find a native-speaker translator to do the translation and a second native-speaker translator to review it.
  • If you order from a native-speaker translator who uses our independent peer review service, he/she asks us to find the second translator for the review.

The reviewer is a peer (an equal) of the first translator, with the same language combination, native language and any special expertise required for the translation, but is also completely independent of the first translator.

When the translation is ready, we send both the original and the translation to the independent peer reviewer who goes through the translation suggesting improvements.

When the review comes back, we send it to the translator, who makes the final check and decides what changes to accept.

The benefit for you: ► You get a double-checked native-speaker translation.


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