Terms and conditions for the Independent Peer Review service

You are a native-speaker translator who is considering entering into an agreement with the Language Support Centre on your participation in our Independent Peer Review service.

1. The Independent Peer Review service makes it possible for native-speaker translators to get full reviews of their own translations by a second, completely independent native-speaker translator with the same language combination and specialist area – provided they are willing to do the same for others.

2. The reviews are arranged by the Language Support Centre and remain anonymous for both parties. If for any reason the LSC is unable to organise a review you have requested, we will inform you as soon as possible.

3. A review request can be for one or more documents of any length that have been translated across the same language combination and fall within the same specialist area (if specified). An administrative charge (currently EUR 20) is made for arranging each review + a per-source-word charge (currently EUR 0.02) for the review itself, which will be paid to the reviewer when the review has been delivered to the LSC. This money must be in the LSC’s hands before the LSC will order the review.

4. Once you agree to do a review, this work must take priority over other work. If you cannot meet the deadline for the review, do not agree to do the review. If you find that the translation you are reviewing has been machine-produced, made by a non-native-speaker or by a translator who is not professionally competent in the specialist area or in general, you can refuse to do the review. In this case, the translation will be sent to a second reviewer. If the result is the same, the translation will be rejected for review.

5. A review consists of a full translation check to ensure that the source text has been faithfully and completely translated, and that the resulting language is correct and appropriate for the text in question. The reviewer will suggest ways of improving the translation to those ends.

6. The aim of the review is to help improve the translation. The tone of comments should therefore be businesslike and helpful. Remember, your review will also be reviewed by the translator.

7. The translation and all business information it may convey about the translator or his/her client must remain completely confidential. The reviewer is not at liberty to divulge any such information to any third party. Neither may he/she act on any such information.

8. This agreement can be terminated at any time by either party in writing, but §7 above continues to apply.


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