Terms and conditions for all freelance language professionals

You are a language professional who is considering entering into a freelance agreement with the Language Support Centre on collaboration in the fields you have selected.

1. Such collaboration means that both parties will get to know a lot about each other’s business activities and customers, so it is clearly a precondition for such collaboration that such information must be treated as confidential. By this agreement therefore both parties confirm that no such information will be passed on to any third party.

2. Both parties further agree that all material and all information of any kind whatsoever received from the other party – whether in electronic, paper, or other form – will be handled and stored with all due care to ensure that it does not inadvertently fall into the hands of any third party.

3. This professional confidentiality covers all work done, of any kind whatsoever, and remains binding even after any termination of collaboration.

4. Both parties further agree that they will not approach each other’s customers with a view to taking over work currently carried out by the other party.

5. Termination of this agreement by either party must be in writing to the other party.

6. It is the policy of the LSC that we will not assist any political, religious, commercial, or any other kind of organisation whose ideas or methods are in breach of basic human rights or otherwise abhorrent. If you believe that any work we ask you to do might be in conflict with that policy, please inform us immediately.